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Hi, I’m Rachel the person behind Pomegranate Colours.
Here I am in January in the garden of our land up in the countryside. In February 2022 we moved up here to live. It's only 10km away from Almuñécar on the coast but takes 30 minutes to get here because of the steep, windy roads!
And so now I have land to grow as many dye plants as I want.
Many of the ribbons' colours also come from natural dye materials which I collect in the surrounding countryside.
Dyeing is a slow process, in tune with the seasons. The magic happens in my outside dye studio, conveniently situated next to the water tank and my small, at the moment, dye garden. In summer the sun does the work for me. In winter there are buckets of barks slowly releasing their colours over months.
We have very little rain and so when the clouds come we collect every drop.
I try to be as sustainable as possible by re-using water, composting dye plants at the end of the process and using the sun’s warmth as much as possible.
Now that we own our own land, my long term goal is to grow and collect all of my dyes locally. Read more about my dyes here.
I love the whole process of slowly extracting colour from plants. Often I’m surprised by a new shade or even a different colour. Seeing a perfect piece of silk hanging on the washing line next to my favourite olive tree makes it all worthwhile.