INTERNATIONAL ORDERS please order a MINIMUM of 3 weeks before you need your ribbons ~ SPANISH ORDERS please order THE WEEK BEFORE you need your ribbons ~ Thank you.


What size are the ribbons?

All the ribbons are 2 metres long. The most popular width is 5cm (2”). Most listings have a variety of widths available.

If you would like a different width, please message me. There is no problem making the perfect width for you.

How long until my order arrives?

Please see our shipping policy.

Can I wash the ribbons?

I pay very careful attention to finishing all of the ribbons. I recommend washing them in cold or cool water. If you need to use soap try to use a pH neutral one or a tiny bit of shampoo!

Very occasionally a colour may subtly change because of pH differences in the water.

Can I iron the ribbons?

Yes. If you have a stubborn wrinkle iron the ribbon damp on a medium setting.

Some people like a wrinkled effect, it’s easy to achieve: put your ribbon in cold water for a minute and then hang it outside to drip dry. It will dry very quickly and have a more boho feel to it. If it’s still not wrinkled enough for you then gently squash it in your hands whilst it’s still wet, unroll and hang back up to dry.

Will the colours fade?

If you put them in full sun for a long time ie. weeks or months then like any textile they will fade.

I recommend that you keep them rolled on their peg and wrapped in the tissue paper which they are sent it until you need to use them.

What are they made of?

Pure silk.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. Please see our refund policy.